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Wednesday, November 26, 2008
1. What is your full name?
Ng Wen-Xin Andrea. THERE'S A DASH AND NO "G"

2. Are you single?
HA. you think?

3. What is your favourite number[s]
18! don't ask me why. oh i like 2 too!

4.What is/are your favourite colour?
ORANGE. ORANGE. ORANGE. hahaha me and kai'en are PIOs!
i like bright colours cause i'm bright
not like someone who doesn't like bright colours cause she's dull. HAHA.
oh i like black too.

5.Least favourite colour[s]
mm. dark red. really gross and dull colours that are neither here nor there too.

6.What are you thinking now?
that i like mi gong of qi duo hua from ai qing mo fa shi! hahaha.interesting eh.

7. Are you happy with your life right now?
yah! holidays ftw. <3>
8.What are your favourite subjects in school? 
art! haha does that count? 

9. Do you shop at malls? 
depends hahaha. I PREFER SHOPPING SUPERMARKETS OR BOOKSTORES :D are those malls? o.o 

10.Where do you wish to be right now? 
taiwan! not with the school but yeah. -secret- 

11. What should you be doing now? 
i don't know, nothing in particular? 

12.Do you have any crush on anyone? 
ha! tsk tsk people should respect people's privacy. hoho. 

13.When was the last time you bought a clothing item? 
wow. june in chiangmai? i don't know i can't remember. i hardly buy clothes. 

14. What was the last thing you drank? 

15. Do you hate liars? Do you hate backstabbers? 
hmm. depends on why they lie luh. but i don't like backstabbers =X 

16. Can you make yourself sneeze? 
nah, and i wouldn't want too. it's quite annoying. 

17.Do you fall for people easily? 
hmm... really depends lah. 

18. What does your last text msg read? 
":-*" from yirong :D which is a muacks emotion on sony ericsson phones 

19. Are you too forgiving? 
i don't know lehs. i get pissed at people very easily but it hardly lasts long. 

20.How many windows are open on your computer? 
6 on this computer! 冒險奇兵 youtube, msn with my sis, Dis-Gracepoint blog hahaa, msn with sarah siaw, Windows Live Messenger thingum and this. 
1 on the other comp pipi player which ai qing mo fa shi is playing with qing kong crying =X 

21.Who was your last call from? 
my mum yesterday who asked me if i wanted her to fetch me from school 

22.What do you do with most of your time? 
watching stuffs. shows, gameshows. wow they're chinese ahhaa. 

23.Will you & your ex get back again? 
uh! o.o pleaase.

24.Do you sleep with the TVon? 
i don't have a teevee near my bed! i know someone who does. but sometimes i sleep with music/my ipod on. 

25. Which of your close friends live the closest? 
sarah tan i think. i can walk to her house hahaha. 

26.Which item could you not live during the day? 
COMPUTER. unless i'm out. 

27. Would you share a drink with a stranger? 
definition of stranger? that person must be decently hygienic luh! 

28.How was your weekend? i spent alot of time with my church people! but yeah it was fun 

29.Do you believe ex[s] can be friends? uh why not? 

30. The last person you quarrelled with? 
oh i just shouted at my mum to stop waking me up this morning but that's about it. 

31.The way to win your heart? 
what kind of quiz is this ah! matchmaking? 

32.What did you do last night? 
WATCH MAO XIAN QI BING ON MY IPOD ahahaha. and drink juice. 

33. Do you have the same name as one of your relatives? 

34.Are you looking for a boyf/girlf? 
uh? wow i'm totally looking for a boyfriend please. 

35.One song that is meaningful to you? 

36.Do you twirl or scoope your spaghetti? 
i poke? 

37.Do you drink milk straight from the carton? 
sometimes! cause i'm the only one who drinks it anyway. 

38.How long is your hair? 
very long! but i just layered it. 

39.Do you like batman? 
bian fu xia, no! 

40.Who was the last person who told you that they love you? 
wow, too many! hahahhahahahhahaha. 

41.When was the last time you sang out loud? 
just now! i was singing random songs. 

42.What did you have for breakfast? 
chicken and veges and meat! 

43.Is your birthday on a holiday? 

44.Can you cook? 
YAH. amazement amazement eh? 

45.Where did you get the shirt you are wearing? 
i'm wearing a nightgown thing. it's just like a super long shirt :D 

46.What was the reason for the last troubles you were in? 
i can't remember! too much already. 

47.which do you wear more? 
sweats 0r jeans. WHAT ARE SWEATS? but i don't wear jeans. i wear cargos. 

48. When is your birthday? 

blogger ate up the rest -.- and i'm too lazy to redo them

I have a cell phone.
I have friends that use me. 
I am an only child. 
I love dangly earrings. 
I love cold weather. 
I'm obsessed with the computer. :D
I have shot a gun before. real guns .22 revolver :D
I can't live without music. 
I have no tolerance of ignorant people. 
I have ridden on a motorcycle before. 
I'll be in this town forever. 
I've been to 5 other countries. haha at least 10++++ more.
I get annoyed easily.
I have neat handwriting. depends only what.
I have more than a few horrible memories. 
I am addicted to (dark/nutty) chocolate.
I am an atheist. I'M A CHRISTIAN :D
I love airplane rides. I hate them!
I love taking pictures. ee. hardly.
I hate people who are fakes.
I can be mean when I want to. 
My parents care about my grades. 
One of my best friends is a girl.
I have way too many wallets.
I'm obsessed with lip gloss. 
I am easy to talk to.
I would never eat raw fish. 
I cry easily.  haha i do, really.
I hate it when people are late. 
I procrastinate. 
I love winter. 
I have too many clothes for my closet / dresser. 
I love to sleep. Ho! i can wake up at 3/4+ in the afternoon.
I wish I were smarter. 
I'm afraid of flying.
I hate drama. 
I bite my nails. 
I have been on an 8 hour drive. 
I never fight with my parents. 
I love the beach. 
I have never had chicken pox. 
I have gone out in public in my pajamas. 
I can't control my emotions.
I have a best friend.
I have moved more than once. 
I truly love my friends. 
I have braces. 
I have never broken a bone. 
I hate my computer. 
I love girls that play the drums. 
I state the obvious. 
I'm a happy person.
I love to dance. 
I love to sing. hoho! extremely off key too to annoy people. :D
I love cleaning my room. 
I tend to get jealous very easily. 
I love cute underwear.
I love night better than day. 
I don't like to study for tests. 
I have been on the phone for over 5 hours. 
I am too forgiving.
I have a horrible sense of direction. 
I miss elementary school.
My eye color changes. 
I should see a therapist.
I become stressed easily.
I hate liars. 

I love the smell of rain. 
I love my family. 
I hate needles.
I am a perfectionist.
I always wanted to learn to play the drums. 
I hate the feeling of failure. 
I have friends in other countries.
I can be quite selfish. 
At times, I still act like a little kid.
I have food allergies. 
I love to read. 
I wish I were more motivated for school.
I love getting stuff in the mail.
I have problems with letting go of old feelings. 
I hate being alone. 
I love summer.
I love the weekends.

I love black eyeliner.
I think I'm a looker. 
I type with one hand.
I live in a one storey house. haha, no stairs to the next storey so it's one storey right. but i live on the eigth storey haha!
I wear make-up. 
I have never rode on an underground subway.
I can't swim.
I have bad memories. 
I go to church.
I sing in the shower. i tried it after maria told me that bathrooms have the best acoustics. 
I hate cheerleaders.
I usually get what I want. i just managed to get my daddy to buy me a jacket from overseas (whereever he is i forgot) by saying "are there jackets there?"
I have been on stage before. I'M ALWAYS THE BAD GUY.
I love roller coasters! cultivated love.
No one knows my full story of my life. obviously not.
I am close to my parents. quite.
I don't have a curfew. 

whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. finally finish.

i've been having funny dreams for the past 3 nights

3 nights ago i dreamt i was in this school thing and i went around killing people. i mean in my dream there was not blood at all or anything, like every person was made of metal, when you shoot there's just holes, no blood or anything. they get bullet holes in their bodies then flop over and die.. yeah i think i was part of some group that was trying to take over the school. so i went around killing people and for some amazing reason no one realised that so many people were dead or that i was the one killing them :O until finally there's this one guy who realised. so he sort of cornered me in this huge storeroom like thing with alot of cardboard boxes. then i was so smart, i shot all the lights in the room then killed him with my last bullets then i ran to this room which i think i was supposed to meet the rest of the strange group in and i cause thought that i wasn't supposed to use the bullets so i told them that when i got the gun there was already no bullets and they believed and so gave me a new mag.

strange dream eh. morbid much?

then two nights ago i dreamt that i was late meeting my friend cos i woke up 2 hours late and when i woke up i couldn't find the shirt i wanted to wear. so this whole bunch of people were overturning my cupboard trying to find it for me. heh.

then last night i had another funny dream!

in my dream i was in this place like a school hall except at the sides of the hall were large stage curtains instead of doors. then i was with a whole big bunch of other kids and we were all playing different stuffs in groups. then suddenly there were this 3 people who came in two guys with guns and this woman. one of the guys shot the ceiling with his gun and obviously everybody scattered and hit behind the stage curtains things except me and 3 other kids. i think we were too shocked to move. then one of the guys lifted me up and threw me to the floor and i landed on my head yeah ouch. i felt like this part of my head was squished. and it hurt when you touch it. like really ouch ouch throbbing hurt. yeah then they made the four of us sit on the stage. <------something else happened here but i completely forgot what------> then one of the kids with me blurted that there were more kids behind the curtains then the guys made them come out and sit on the stage too. then i remember i tried to hide at the back. somehow i had a computer and so i tried to type a message to the police (don't ask me how i was going to send it cos i really don't know) i took super super long to type it cause i was trying to be inconspicuous too. then one of the guys wanted to use his computer too but it was lacking something. (i think some key) so he was looking for another computer and then noticed me and pointed at me and asked me to come out just when i finally finished and just sent it (i don't know how) so i was damn scared that i was gonna get caught but yeah i was so lucky he simply took out the key he wanted and threw the computer to a side.

then i don't know how but i ended up in some room at the back of the hall with that lady and then i forgot how i found out but i found out that she had a son who died very recently and she really really really loved him alot. like somehow i knew. i think he got into an accident and died or something along the lines of that. somehow i also knew that he was an uber selfish boy who was chao mean to her and stuff. then because he started school only when he was 10 then alot of people ostracized him. and she said something about how the two guys outside talked her into like "making the other students suffer as much as he did". i forgot how again but i knew she was going to kill me :O

she was really sweet actually lah. cos in my dream after found out i was in the room with her, we were standing and that made me super woozy so she super super gently lay me down. yah and she helped me support my head so it wouldn't touch the floor and won't hurt. so strange right. somehow (yes again) i felt like she was a extremely extremely sweet woman. and i remember talking her into helping us all escape. i remember saying something cliched like how she obviously didn't want her son to end up like that and rather than being so mean she should work to prevent other kids from ending up like her son. something along those lines lah! and she agreed omg. i think somewhere in her she didn't really want to do it. yeah so then she helped me out. strange thing to remember but i remember her hands were very soft.

then after that she helped me out back to the hall place, put me down with one of the people (i think in my dream i knew her). and all i remember after that was when running out with the other kids i turned back and exchanged smiles with that woman.
so like a movie right! =X

oh! one more thing of my dream that i remember. i managed to get the kids there to agree with me to sort of help that woman. so while the police people were asking us we didn't mention her at all =X

ahhaha i have such strange dreams.

i love mi gong by 7 flowers! ehehhehe.

Thursday, November 06, 2008
†           ND;          最后一个闪烁的星.     (ip)     says:
"due to unexpectedly horrid results"?
Claire says:
couldn't you phrase it better?
†           ND;          最后一个闪烁的星.     (ip)     says:
†           ND;          最后一个闪烁的星.     (ip)     says:
i thought of due to gross results..
†           ND;          最后一个闪烁的星.     (ip)     says:
due to unexpected results, she feels she cannot study literature
†           ND;          最后一个闪烁的星.     (ip)     says:
she feels she is incapable of studying literature and that geography is a better option?
Claire says:
"based on her unexpected exam results, she feels that geography is a better option. she would thus like to change her subject combination..."
†           ND;          最后一个闪烁的星.     (ip)     says:
oo hahahah! 
†           ND;          最后一个闪烁的星.     (ip)     says:
i realised i type alot faster than you
Claire says:
really, there is no need to advertise how you are incapable of studying literature.

haha! i think claire's super funny!


someone cool please take it with meeee. D:

maria complained how no one visits her blog.
and says since i'm so interesting i should have one.

ahh. deaddead.

oh yeah yesterday lidan, bernice and deenie came to my house!
we played LOTS of bridge using the DBSK cards i bought and listened to DBSK songs (omg they're really obsessed)

deenie's fated to end up with the owl card! haha 2 diamonds.

then we played something called fourty points which lidan taught us.
reminded me a little of munchkin!
ahh i miss mission trip with hakka! 
december 8-15<3

i smashed my clock by accident last night. woke up in the middle of the night at 1+am cos of some irritating sensation in my ears. i wanted to check the time but dropped the clock which then happily bounced off the table and smashed into the floor. i woke up again at 4+ cos of the same reason, WITH a blocked nose and then proceeded to examine the damage (WHICH i found wasn't bad cos the wires and stuff were pretty much all still intact. just the plastic casing was screwed. fixed it up a little and it works now :D

oh yeah ariel cut her hair to a tiny little ponytail! AHH it's SO CUTE. 
i still can't believe it

like i tagged on a photo of her hair
"if i told anyone 2 years ago that in 2 years time my hair'ld be longer than yours, no one'ld believe me"
her ponytail's like REAL short now. and mine's so much longer.
2 years ago hers were like, down to her HIPS? and mine was SUPER short, like UNTIEABLE <<>

oh and wang zi bian qing wa the idol drama is SUPER nice. finished it today <3
qiao en is the <3
watching fated to love you now.
qiao en is STILL the <3
she's such a great actress. 
ethan's character cun ji is super sweet too! 
dylan is shuai. :D

played lots of msn games with amelia today.
today was really boring. basically stoned around.

wow omg what a long post! haha! i came online firstly with just the reason of charging my ipod so i can listen to music (distractions!) then i saw claire online and i JUST HAD TO ask her bout the subj combi thing.


sorry biochemhistlitD:

oh yeah
you are SO freaking hypocritical and i can't believe you got into OM. go and die. especially for making some who is such a good friend to you miserable. i can't stand you! i hope everyone'll see you for who you really are. "sweet" MY ASS.
i really hate people who treat their friends like spare tires.
like you #2.
i'm tired of it you know.

haiyah! i'm gonna miss 213. muacksmuacks to everyone in 213 for making my this year sooooooooo beautiful and memorable. i really think you guys rock. 
for all the pervy times. (haha turning on the aircon and the wet "horny" cloth xD)
and stupid times. (amelia you and your contacts putting on!)
and sweet times. (the appreciation chain!)
and laughable times. (our disappearing act!)
and screamish times. (yes the chain screams in our class)
amd blur times. (kaien and her multiple "huhs")
the fun times (acp and banner stuffs!)
the random times (rachel screaming at apparent dandruff)
the amazing times (i so can't forget ariel's expressions when i fool her)
the serious times (yoonjung and charisse and MOV!)
the hungry times (yes our class and our talent at seizing opportunities to eat.)

okay i think my ipod's charged up enough now :D bye.
bernice is funny. and quite nice. THANKS bernice for printing banner design for me and going to come with me to go to submit the form. :D

i promise myself i'll do the personal thanks thing like maria tmr!
something to look forward to.