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Monday, February 26, 2007
I CAN DO A HANDSTAND!! nyeh nyeh. (:

heh. the pavement at the bus-stop to the traffic light at rgs was FLOODED. seriously FLOODED. me and sarah tan we cabbed home. den we had to walk out to get a cab. we got drenched. (my bag is seriously drenched too. my cle journal ALSO. T_T) yeah. den we were at the traffic light there, trying to hail a cab den this stupid van ran ZOOM and splashed dirty muddy water on our shoes and feet. ewww. den we decided to go bus stop there cos #1 got shelter, and #2, the taxis were coming from that side. (: den we went there and we realised the pavement was half flooded! the half nearer to the road was puddled. and the road had water washing over the pavement. the water level was higher than the pavement. and the drain on the other side was gonna flood over too. >< color="#33ff33">GUESS WHAT? the space between us and the trans cab was filled solely with water. den cannot step or else our feet (up to ankles i think) will be in water. so we JUMPED into the cab. sorta. (: boing boing. yeah. aft that very boring. i was drenched and cold and i got HYPERTHERMIA. haha. kidding. i came home, bathed and slept until 7+. you know when you get hyperthermia you just wanna sleep and sleep? haha. (: that's how you die from it i think. ><

Wednesday, February 21, 2007
how bimb are you?

[ ] You have over 10 bottles of nail polish
[x] You have a designer purse
[ ]You have something from Abercrombie
[ ] You have had fake nails
[ ] You are promised to have a car for your 16th bday
[ ] You have clothes or shoes or accesories for your pet
[X] You have at least 1 designer item of clothes
[ ] Your pet is a chihuahua, pomeranian, or siamese
[ ]You have a swimming pool
[x]Comforter, walls or sheets
Total: 2

[ ] Brunette
[ ] Blonde
[ ] Redhead
[x] Outgoing
[x] Fun
[x] Dumb at times
[x] Near your phone right now
[ ]Going out with anyone now?
[ ] Using your cell phone right now?
[x]Listening to pop or top 40 music?
[ ] Wearing makeup now?
[ ] A shopaholic?
[ ] A shoe freak?
Total: 4

[x] Puppies
[x] Kitties
[ ] Makeup
[x] Glitter
[x] Money
[x] Pink the color
[ ] Pink the brand by Victoria's Secret
[ ] Shopping
[ ] Candy
[x] Talking
[x] Laughing
[x] Jewelry
[x] Shoes
[ ] Chick flicks
Total: 9

[]Abercrombie Fitch
[ ]American Eagle
[ ]Aeropostale
[] Claire's
[ ] Express
[] limited too
[ ] libby lu
[ ] Kitson
[] Jimmy Choo
[] Armani
[] Juicy Couture
[ ] Sephora
[] Versace
[] Fendi
[ ] Deb
[] Target
Total: 1

[x] S***
[ ] W****
[ ] B****
[ ] B*****
[x] Whatever
[x] Oh my god/gosh/goodness
[x] Hun
[ ]Fugly
[ ] That's hot
[ ] Cali
[x] Babe (sometimes. when i'm being weird. hehe.)
[ ] Psh
[ ] Hottie
[ ] skank
Total: 6

[ ] In your school picture your wearing something pink
[ ] You type like this: !! // &&amp;amp;amp; ~* ;; ::. __
[X] Gone to mall in the past 3 days
[ ] Dont play sports
[ ] You wear jewelry every day
[X] You dye your hair (not now.)
[ ] You have nail polish on right now
[ ]You take all those magazine quizzes like "Does he like you?"
[ ] Your favorite holiday is Valentine's Day
[ ] You have a crush on Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt
[X] Have you met a celebrity?
[X] Have you ever written your first name with his last name? (once upon a time)
Total: 4

[x] Seventeen
[x] Cosmogirl
[ ] Teen people
[ ] Teen vogue
[x] Teen
[ ] Justine
[x] Prom magazines
[ ]Ellegirl
[x] J-14
[ ] M
[x] Ym
[] Cosmopolitan
[ ]Glamour
[ ] Marie Claire
[x] Elle
[ ] Vogue
[ ] Us weekly
[ ] Star
[x] Tabloids
[ ] Gossip Girl series
[x] The clique series
[ ] The a-list series
[ ] The mates, dates series
[x] The Georgia Nicholson Series
[ ] The it girl series
[ ] The au pairs
[ ] The hookup artist
[x] The dating game
[ ] South Beach
[ ]Ttyl
[ ] Ttfn
[ ] The lovely bones
Total: 11

[x] Legally Blonde
[x] Legally Blonde 2
[x] Mean Girls
[x] American Pie
[ ] Not Another Teen Movie
[ ] Josie and the Pussycats
[ ] Never Been Kissed
[ ]Aquamarine
[ ] Hot Chick
[ ] Beauty shop
[x]Miss Congeniality
[x]Miss Congeniality 2
[ ]Crazy/Beautiful
[x]Just My Luck
[ ]John Tucker Must Die
Total: 7

[x] America's Next Top Model
[x] Project Runway
[ ] Next
[] My Super Sweet 16
[x] Soaps
[ ]Hannah Montana
[ ]Unfabulous
[ ]Zoey 101
[x] Lizzie Mcguire
[ ] Desperate Housewives
[ ] The Simple Life
[ ] 8th & Ocean
[x] F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
[ ] Sex & The City
[ ]The Suite Life of Zach and Cody
[ ] E!'s True Hollywood Story
[ ] The Real World
[ ]The O.C.
[ ] Laguna Beach
[x] Miss America
[x] Miss USA
[x] Miss Teen USA
Total: 8

[ ] Hawaii
[ ] California
[ ] The Bahamas
[ ] Alabama
[ ] Paris
[ ] Italy
[ ] Florida
[ ] Las Vegas
[ ] Russia
[ ] Missouri

2+4+9+1+6+4+11+7+8+1= 53 (%)

which totally proves i'm not bimb. too bad evan. miin got 119 which is like, more than twice of mine. (: evan. no more calling me whatever bimb or mini miin or WHATEVER RUBBISH.

Monday, February 12, 2007
i'm irritated. pissed. angry. upset. whatever other words you can think of.

ask me why.

but i'm not gonna answer.


cos it won't change anything right?

not like anyone cares about one, single person in the class. i mean what does 1 person compare to the other 31?! I bet if the other 31 are happy the 1 person doesn't make much of a difference.


of course i am. that always happens no? especially to me.

i dont see the (censored) reason for it. DAMNIT.


somebody please enlighten me?

Monday, February 05, 2007
hehe. today i went to 210 class wif deenie. damn farney. eleanor, guanrong and another girl was there la. we were irritating them by asking where blah and blah sat. den i found my angel's table and i wrote sumthing like "hello! andrea was here!" hehe. and i wrote on miin and evan's table also. HAHAHA. so nice right. and i saw this thick stack of postcards on miin's table and I WAS SO TEMPTED TO TAKE IT LA. pfft. but being the nice godmortal i am i didnt. HEHE.

anyways. i was "proposing" to florence yesterday. HAHA. damn farney. she was so scared her beloved wenyan will kill her if she returned my love. HEH. XP i gonna go now lars. BYEE.

oh yes. deenie scratched my hand with a PEN. around the knuckles down there. like one LINE across lor. GRRR. deenie you (insert whatever you want here). BEHH.

Saturday, February 03, 2007
Thinking. such a beautiful and abstract word no? something all of us do, every single moment of our lives, whether we know it or not. subconciously we are.

Doubts. another interesting word. something i often experience. i'm a christian. but sometimes i waver. i do not know why. sometimes my mind wanders. questions like why and what would occupy my brain, taking it prisoner. what will happen if i died? i desperately want to know the answer to that question. no. i'm not thinking of suicide. i just think, what will heaven be like? is there heaven? or is there such thing as reincarnation? if there is reincarnation, i want to know what my previous life is like. but i know, deep in my mind, that i don't believe in reincarnation. then why do i think of such questions?

I guess it might be because it is human nature to wonder about the unanwered. the secrets of the world, the universe, the heavens. i'm a curious one no? what is life? sometimes i am perfectly content living my life with my family, my friends, without serious cares in the world. but other moments like this, i wonder what life means. why live when we all know we will die? to experience everything the world has to offer? to understand what truly is love, hate, sadness, hurt, betrayal? to make a difference? but we all know, when we die, although we might be remembered but does it really matter in the end?

Death is something fearful yet facsinating in a sadistic way. it is facsinating how that it can steal away the lives, the souls of every single being. it is facsinating how one moment, life is there, the next death replaces life for all eternity. it is, sadistic but we can't deny that we are at least a little interested in how these happens? how just one action of pressing the trigger on the gun can cause this immense change? how a simple tool called the knife can rip the life out of a being in just a second? yes, life is fragile.

That's not my point. i do not have a point. i am merely stating some of the things that run though my head. i know how i often tell other people their blogging sounds very dark, very gloomy and yet this post is far more flat than any of those. rayne calls it reflection. maybe. then again, reflection is complicated too.

For your information, i'm not as optimistic as you think. no. sometimes i pretend to be cheery because i know it will affect someone and sometimes my brightness can help hold my friend together. i always hope that there is a reason for what i do..

I know this post is very messy and such. i'm sorry. i cant help it. why do i think of such things? i don't know. i really don't.