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Saturday, September 23, 2006
According to blogthings, I:

am 24% Happy,

have the natural talent of rocking the boat, thwarting the system.And while this may not seem big, it can be.It's people like me who serve as the catalysts to major cultural changes.I'm just a bit behind the scenes, so no one really notices.

have a stress level of 61%,

am 44% open-minded,

have an EQ of 87 (only),

am 60% weird,

am energetic, creative, and very curious about the world...I'm not going to let anything hold you back, especially a cold day.Whether I'm chilling out at the beach or partying all night, I live for the warm weather.

am 24% shy,

have a pink heart,

am 60% Dog, 40% Cat,

(my) friends see you as painstaking and fussy. They see me as very cautious, extremely careful, a slow and steady plodder.It'd really surprise them if I ever did something impulsively or on the spur of the moment.They expect me to examine everything carefully from every angle and then usually decide against it.

am a bit antisocial but have a boatload of charm,

have a blue aura.

These results are straight from BlogThings.

Thursday, September 21, 2006
Listen, I ain't perfect
I know thats what you wanna hear
sittin' down smokin' cigs and drinkin' beer
and the fear, it grows inside
Every day of my life I grew up accepting it for the way it was
but I was never accepted, the way I am
No I was an outcast, set from the resttryin' to confess to the best, of the group
and i see in one fail swoop
you took me up, and let me fall

And now I know the truth
growin' up, with painful youth
that I was ment to be, a better man
But i'm not...and i'm sorry
but thats the way I am
And as I look back on my life
I realize, livin' under the knifethat i was hurt, left in the dirt
and i'm sorry, you can't accept me for who i am
but I try to be the better man
I wish you would just accept me
and set me free, for who I want to be

I feel this all inside
like a river of pains, flowing through my veins
from my heart, from where it all will start
Please just accept me for who I am
this is my chosen plan...that I want, that i need
i dont wanna bleed, anymore
so stop pushing me out the door
And as i sit here all alone
I pray, that I can be accepted in life
instead of living under the knife
I'm not a freak, i'm just weak
and let me be, and you will see my plan
to becoming the perfect man

Accept me...

Saturday, September 09, 2006
YO GUYS! long time no blog. Okay, some things that happened while i was away worth mentioning. Most = POH CHOO!

1. Jieru got damn high and started sending me this song playing on the radio. "yeah baby!!!come on baby we're gonna live forever!!!i wanna spend e night with you!!!yeah yeah yeah!hahahaha.you got what i like i got what you like oh come on. tell me what you're waiting for!yeah man!i'm hyper tonight!" LOL.

2. Had quite abit of fun thinking sick during sci tuition wif the twins - Si Li and Si Ling- and Joshua Phang and a few others. haha. (:

3. POH CHOO!! haha. i LURVE her la. shes a relly relly cute 18 yr old i met during sci tuition. shes supp 2 be a coach. (: she lyk sooo childish la. acts lyk a 4 year old.

3a. Apparently, Poh Choo is called Bao Zhu (cl) haha. her sisters are Goldie(jin [cl - gold]) and Sylvia(yin [cl - silver]) and shes Poh Choo (bao zhu [cl - pearl /zhu bao]. haha. pretty unique eh?

3b. Poh Choo told us originally that she was 24 and married. LOL!! shes 18 and single. so much diff la! Got sum ppl believe her lehh! she didnt even look 24 la.

3c. Poh Choo acts like a four year old. HONESTLY. and hav u ever heard of smbody EIGHTEEN that BOUNCES up and down when she gets the ans to a maths Q??? She bounced up and down in front of Darryl (another coach) when she solved the maths Q and went "I solved it i solved it!! hahahaha!! you havent!!" den Darryl was lyk "I am trying now la!". after a while Poh Choo ran in front of him and started bouncing again and said "HAHA!! you still havent solve!!" den she started rambling all the answers. haha. so farney. Darryl rolled his eyes and walked away.

3d. Poh Choo whines alot. she was lyk "Darryl! they bully me!!! hrmph! i tomorro dun come alr!" den she took the paper she was holding and threw it at Darryl. Darryl caught it as she walked off. She then turned and ripped off the first page wif her ans (3c) and went to the table at the back and "cried". -.-"

3e. I think/thought that Poh Choo liked Darryl. Coz she always flirts wif Darryl and another coach. but more wif darryl. I'm not the only one that tot so. at least 5 others did too. Today, we told her that we tot she lyks Darryl and she said we were nuts. WELL... she turned to Darryl who was sitting next to her and complained "see la! ALL YOUR FAULT!" Poor Darryl, totally clueless, was lyk "WHAT?!? what did i do??" We replied "not something you did la. shes toking rubbish." den we told him dat its something POH CHOO did coz of HIM. den he turned to Poh Choo and said "all YOUR fault!" Poh Choo whined and was lyk "WHAT?!" The two of them damn comical la!!

3f. She wore a miniskirt and this low cut short shirt. and her stomach kept showing and when we told her to either pull up her skirt of pull down her shirt. den she tried but complained that if she pulled DOWN her shirt... (let your imagination run wild) or if she pulled UP her skirt... haha. who ask her to wear that.

4. Shi Ren thinks that this guy I know who is in her sci tuition is cute and hot. LOL! she asked me how i knew him lyk Jieru did when i said i knew Don. LOL.

5. I had an average of 10h of tuition everyday. I bet you alr knew that.

SOOO... my darling Poh Choo is the main thing i'm toking abt coz shes sooo nice to irritate. haha.tata. gonna go slp!

I correct my previous post. I was banned for something that wasnt my fault.

Saturday, September 02, 2006
I've been banned from the computer for something I didn't do.

Friday, September 01, 2006
I have Laryngitis. According to my doc. Bet you are wondering WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! So am I. But seems like i fufil the symptoms of laryngitis. See this, these are the symptoms

So, I fufil 5 out of 6 of it. Haha. Now see this : "Many times laryngitis may develop with, or a few days after, a sore throat." Ironically, I had a sore throat on Tuesday until yesterday... SO, now, I can't + not supposed to TALK. so sad right. *sniff* ... tata.