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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
What can be worse than being down with constant fever, a really bad sore throat, a persisting headache that causes your head to spin and lousy marks? And knowing that you are missing the "welcome" of one of your best/nicest teachers? On top of that, nobody is replying to my smses and I am alone at home. At least I get to use the computer.

My Prelims marks SUCK. Really. I mean it is like, I did SO much below my actual potential (which is not much). And, what the hell, (insert vulgarities here) SOMEBODY beat me in every subject and was complaining that she did SOOO badly. I mean, at the least PLEASE respect the fact that I did worse than you in EVERY subject okay?

Anyways, as I was saying, I am sick. My fever goes up HIGH den goes down then goes HIGH again. Well... doesn't surprise me. Joshua says he is also down with the same symptoms as me.

I just thought of something. This year has been a year full of extremes. Extreme ups and extreme downs. Honestly, I am not very happy in school. I mean, okay, i DO have friends, but it feels very awkward with them... I always feel like the odd one out. Especially when with just Yirong, Jieru, Shi Ren and Bong^2. I mean, individually, they ARE one of the nicest people I know, but when it is just the few of them and me, I feel very very awkward. Mostly it is because they were from 5M, and particularly share a "bond" between each other, one I do not share. I guess I am just cut out to be the odd one.

In the process of fufilling my selfish desire of gaining acceptance of some people, I neglected the others that have been beside me always. Is it too late to turn back?

I am getting lightheaded and shall not blog anymore but go and sleep somemore. This is probably my longest and most serious post... Tag my Cbox.

Saturday, August 26, 2006
this is soo damn cute!!

the music is so cuteee. di di di da di di do do, di da di di do do, di di di di di di di di do do do do. haha. and the moves are soooo nice. (: watch!

Friday, August 25, 2006
Its my birthday! Comeon, wish me happy birthday! haha. So fun today! shall spare you the details. and anyways, i got 3 more miniature leafys. hahahahahahhaha. two from my sis one from her fren. (: gtg 4 dinner. byebye.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006
We went J8. so fun!! haha. I lurve my pressie!! a thousand thanks to the people to bought it!! you guys forgot to take out the price tag... -.- Its called Leafy the Tortise. haha.



SO CUTE RIGHT?? my sis says its cute too!! and its very very big. okay. gtg study. BB.

Monday, August 21, 2006
this is an absurd love story on http://www.love.2loop.com/ which does not make sense.

Love Story

One Charming summer day at Mordenised House you see the most Sweet creature you have ever seen. Their name is Ezikel , and every move he makes just turns you on more and more. You nudge your best friend Yirong and say, "Wow, that has to be the most playful body I have ever seen."

Suddenly, he looks in your direction and starts walking right towards you!!!he says, "I noticed you staring at me from over there. I just had to tell you, that I think you are so daring , and was wondering if you'd like to go to Restaurant with me and watch movies ?" With a stupid smile on your face you say, " Well.... " and go with them. When you finally get to Restaurant , he moves closer to you, and gives you the biggest kiss ever. The two of you are passionately kissing, when you feel a Sun hit you on the back of the head.

You open your eyes to find out it's all a dream, but there is a note left next to your bed.
It reads: " Ezikel is the love you've been waiting your whole life for. he will ask you out in 8 days or less, but only if you send this e-mail to at least 10 people within the next few minutes. The more people you send it to, the sooner they will ask you out, and you both fall in love. Do not take this lightly, because if you simply ignore this, you will have bad luck in love for the next 8 years!"

Saturday, August 19, 2006
Happy Birthday Ryan.

I am having a really really bad sore throat. Can't swallow without feeling pain. And can't really talk either. At least it is today and not yesterday. I thank god for that.

Friday, August 18, 2006
I am now on a tagging spree.

I screwed up my chinese oral BIG-TIME.

I cried in school AGAIN.

I had fun playing T or D after oral with my friends though.

I am gonna go mug tomorrow. NOT today. byebye.

Thursday, August 17, 2006
I'm gonna mug after this. I should. If i still want my 270+ wish to come true. Chinese oral is tomorrow. My english oral was screwed although i wasn't too nervous. Never mind. We had ZOO. ZOO!! What nonsense is that? ZOO!! GIRAFFE!! Some people called it a rabbit because the passage was about rabbits. Thats funny. Sounds terribly like my "We celebrate it every month" during my prelims. *rolls eyes* About Chinese New Year. Its called what nervousness does to you. I didn't do well for my prelims. I hope I can do well in this one.

Chinese PSLE oral is tomorrow, Prelims are next week. *groans* HOW FUN. The PERFECT way to spend my birthday week. (I expect presents!! Just Kidding!!) Its prearranged. My tooth didn't come out! But it still hurts. *sighs* I hope i wont be nervous either tomorrow. Gonna mug now. Pray for me.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Its been almost a week since i have posted. And the funny thing is that i am posting when i should not be: the day before PSLE oral. Weirdest thing is, i would have expected myself to be literally trembling with fear, but i am not in the exam mode. Next week are the prelims, and yet it does not feel like it. Well, if one of the first exams you have taken (listening) has somebody that happens to open is extraordinarily large mouth frequently, you would not feel like you are in an exam mode. I guess i SHOULD be worried about tomorrow but all i can think about it is, "What is the teacher going to look like? Which school would he/she be from?"

I'll probably be quivering with fear tomorrow... Worst thing is, my tooth is dangerously loose. Firstly, i can't speak properly as my tooth hurts when i do. Secondly, it is bloody. I hope worst fears would not come true. "What happens if my tooth drops when i am speaking? What if it is before that and my tooth incurs an overwhelming pain? What if my shirt gets bloody when my tooth drops? What if..." Then i would panic, which is NOT good.

I pray that God would prevent me from being nervous throughout tomorrow's exam. I pray he would give me the courage to speak up. I pray that i would not panic tomorrow. I know that God will provide as he is the living God. God said ""Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you"[Hebrews 13:5]. I trust the LORD will be faithful to his word. Amen.

*My new maid can speak Cantonese. Pretty cool huh?

Thursday, August 10, 2006
ya yuan went bak liaoz.... i miss her man. sighz. not in the mood to blog/tag wdv. byebye.

Due to many complains about my previous blogskin not working properly on FireFox, I have changed it. hope you like it. =) byebye.

Happy Belated Birthday Singapore.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Ya Soshla S Uma

Ya soshla s uma, ya soshla s uma
Mne nuzhna ona, mne nuzhna ona
Ya soshla s uma, ya soshla s uma
Mne nuzhna ona, mne nuzhna ona


Menya polnostyu net
Absolyutno vser'ez
Situatsiya help
Situatsiya SOS

Ya sebya ne pojmu
Ty otkuda vzyalas
Pochemu, pochemu?
Na tebya povelas

Vyklyuchaestsya svet
Ya kuda-to lechu
Bez tebya menya net
Nichego ne khochu

Eto medlennyj yad
Eto svodit s uma
A oni govoryat - vinovata sama
A oni govoryat - vinovata sama

Ya soshla s uma, ya soshla s uma
Mne nuzhna ona, mne nuzhna ona
Ya soshla s uma, ya soshla s uma
Mne nuzhna ona, mne nuzhna ona



Bez tebya ya ne ya
Bez tebya menya net
A oni govoryat
Govoryat eto bred

Eto solnechnyj yad
Zolotye luchi
A oni govoryat
Nado srochno lechit

Ya khotela zabyt do upora I vniz
Ya schitala stolby I rasteryannykh ptits
Bez tebya menya net, otpusti otpusti
Do ugla po stene mama-papa prosti...

Ya soshla s uma, ya soshla s uma
Mne nuzhna ona, mne nuzhna ona
Ya soshla s uma, ya soshla s uma
Mne nuzhna ona, mne nuzhna ona

Raz, dva posle pyati
Mama papa prosti
Ya so-shla s u-ma
Raz, dva posle pyati
Mama papa prosti
Ya so-shla s u-ma

Ya soshla s uma, ya soshla s uma
Mne nuzhna ona, mne nuzhna ona
Ya soshla s uma, ya soshla s uma
Mne nuzhna ona, mne nuzhna ona
Ya soshla s uma, ya soshla s uma
Ya soshla s uma, ya soshla s uma...

Monday, August 07, 2006
time seriously flies... it seems like yesterday that we had our prelim orals and lyk NEXT WEEK is our PSLE oral... its like ZOOM... you're dead... sighz. cant believe PSLE is actually here... 6 years of waiting and... =( call me lame or wdv, i dun care... i hate PSLE... haiz... gtg now bb.

Thursday, August 03, 2006
my feet are killing me... at least i got EXEMPTED from swimming the darned 20 laps of butterfly! =) and so i did freestyle. and i beat my previous record. my record for 50m is now 45s. lousy la... but with my feet killing me... well... haha. my 50m timings for today were stinky. 47, 48, 50, 46,51,45,47,50,49,49... stinky i noe. dats sprinting... SPRINTING and so stinky... sigh... nvm... me got new phone! =) Sony Ericsson K750i. i wanted K700i... but out of stock... hmm... i lost all my contacts so trying to add back. gtg sleep now. byebye.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006
YAY! my 1.6km i run 10MIN 38SEC. it beats my previous timing. =)

the only thing worth mentioning today either den that is the truth or dare game we played after sch. (me, mandie and ryan) haha. it waskinda lyk dare or dare coz we juz kept choosing dare. ryan was dared to pull jieru's hair, throw leaves and HUG her. haha. the hug one, he was given a choice between her and yirong. =) haha. the two of them looked really cute from up where me and mandie was watching. lyk one so tall one so short. (no offence to sr) me, i was dared to whack jr, HUG darren (??) and wad ah... i dun think got anymore. haha. mandie was dared to say HI! to yirong, den do the squishy eyes, den slap her. haha. so lame rite. yirong TRIED to hit her back but missed. =P she was later dared to push yr's head la. the stupid thing is, i dun think they even suspected it was a "conspirarcy" until ryan, now known as deadmeat, told jr dat i dared him to hug her la. (insert vulgarities here).

oh ya. one more thing. ryan pulled bernice's hair and so bernice pulled his too. and ms may yeo saw. she lectured bernice then said "don't pull his hair, KICK HIM." hahahahahahaha!! =)) gtg do hw now. bb.