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Monday, July 31, 2006
thers this taiwanese gurl stayin' at my hse. part of some singapore/taiwan immersion. shes a relly nice gurl. el name is kelly zhuang. cl name is ya yuan. =) shes very smiley. in taiwan, the system is diff. as she says, but she says taipei, wher shes from, has many parts that are like singapore. hmm.... her dad works 2 days, overnight, at the zoo. then he has one whole day off. interesting system eh? yesterday she was tellin' us about her family. she has 2 bros 13 an 15 and one of them can cook. she says coz he lyks 2 eat. at that point i started coughing. my sister gav this weird "innocent" smile. heh. she was telling ya yuan that i noe how 2 cook coz she lyks 2 eat. haha. she evens noes abt Arvil Lavigne. cool eh. =)

oh ya, i am now a "backstroker" as my coach calls it. i was put in backstroke. haha. =) so pro hor. haha jkjk. me gonna do work now. byebye.

some words that are commonly misused. it wil be in the form of (misused word-actual)

hard - difficult . puhlease la. 4 example: this question is very hard. no its not hard, its SOFT.

jam - conjestion . for example: traffic jam. you really think that there is jam on the roads? is that why there is a conjestion?

hot - spicy . hot is for TEMPERATURE. or to describe someone lyk... SOME PPL. haha.

aiyah. i too lazy too list all the lame stuff that use wrongly. after all, i am not a english teacher.

Sunday, July 30, 2006
"I think i got a lot of friends but I don't hear from them
What's another night all alone?
When your spending everyday on your own"

Friends is a superficial term.

"And maybe when the night is dead,
I'll crawl into my bed
Staring at these 4 walls again
I'll try to think about the last time,
I had a good time
Everyone's got somewhere to go
And they're gonna leave me here on my own"

This always seems to be the case.

"What the hell is wrong with me?
Don't fit in with anybody
How did this happen to me?"

I never do.

"I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare
I'm just a kid, I know that its not fair
Nobody cares, cause I'm alone and the world is
Nobody wants to be alone in the world"

Not like I have a choice right? i wish i did...

"So let me go now
'Cause time has made me strong
I'm starting to move on
I'm gonna say this now
Your chance has come and gone
And you know..."

i am gonna say this once only and i am gonna say it for everyone to hear. the fact that you have the cheek to tag on my cbox shows that you do not mean it. its over. you are NOT forgiven.

i was "made in singapore". as so says my hand. -.- . haha. me went 4 national day preview... quite nice la. oh ya. me sis has a taiwan immersion programme gurl dat came yesterday. shes damn nice and reminds me of hui lin. (me couz.) haha. totally. even my sis agrees.

Friday, July 28, 2006
i fought with gerald. want me to repeat? i fought with gerald. he started it. i hit him. hit his ear. and the teacher noticed. i got SCRATCHED, for goodness sake SCRATCHED on the face and poked in the eye. and nothing happened.

my life is falling apart. i am losing everything i once tried to keep and protect. i am starting to withdraw. i decided i can never trust anyone. love brings hurt. friendship brings betrayal. life is like dat. my life is to suffer. life to me never had meaning. it is like that. nothing more nothing less.

Thursday, July 27, 2006
how bad can a day get?? see/read.
  1. slept at 1am. couldnt wake up. damn slppy
  2. my mum didnt noe my phone was in the pocket of my skirt... SOO?? she went to wash. and so now my hp is spoilt.
  3. i did lyk shit for my el oral. darn it. dun ask me how much bean.
  4. swimming, the flippers were MURDER on my poor feet. especially doing butterfly.
  5. i was at united square in my swimsuit and a wet shirt. what dus dat mean? shiver me timbers.
  6. came back, sis not home, 4got to bring keys. HOW? stay outside and wait for her 2 come back from church.
  7. i hit my foot against the cupboard.
  8. my toe is bleedin coz of dat and my foot has a BIG blue-black.
  9. so now i cant walk properly and am limping a little.
  10. according to wennie, aka zhen, aka merpig, aka zhi wen, cls has read jean's blog and noes abt janets. coz of the bloggin' incident. a student(i noe u guys frm ny noe but the rest dun.) insulted a teacher on her/his blog. the teacher found out. and so now cls is readin ppl's blog i think. and jean linked me. well i asked her to but ya, i am linked. so most prob cls noes bout this blog and might be reading it now. wennie is hlping me check me blog for anything bad.

sighx. now u noe how bad a day can get.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006
ihthis song rawks.


Ghetto, Ghetto, Ghetto, Ghetto we livin

[verse one]
These streets remind me of quicksand (quicksand)
When your on it you'll keep goin down (goin down)
And there's noone to hold on too
And there's noone to pull you out
You keep on fallin (falling)
And noone can here you callin
So you end up self destructing
On the corner with the tuli on the waist tight just got outta the bing doin stay time

Teeth marks on my back from the canine
Dark Memories of when there was no sunshine
Cause they said that I wouldn't make it (I remember like yesterday)
Holdin on to what god gave me

Cause thats the life when ur
Living in the (ghetto)
and Eating in the (ghetto)
or Sleeping in the (ghetto) (ghetto)
Cause thats the life when ur
Living in the (ghetto)
and Eating in the (ghetto)
or Sleeping in the (ghetto, ghetto, ghetto)

[verse two]
No need to cherish luxuries (cause everythin' come and go)
Even the life that you have is borrowed(Cause your not promised tomorrow)
So live your life as if everydays' gon be your last
Once you move forward can't go back
Best prepare to remove your past
Cause ya gotta be willin to pray
Yea There gotta be (there gotta be)
a better way oh
Yea ya gotta be willing to pray
Cause there gotta be (there gotta be)
a better day (ay)

Whoever said that this drama would stop today
A lot of niggers dead or locked away
Teenage Women growing up with aids

Cause thats the life when your
Living in the (ghetto) oh
Eating in the (ghetto) or
Sleeping in the (ghetto, ghetto)
Thats the life when ur
Living in the (ghetto)
ohEating in the (ghetto) or
Sleeping in the (ghetto, ghetto, ghetto)

Gun shots every night in the (ghetto)
Crooked cops on sight in the (ghetto)
Every day is a fight in the (ghetto)(oh oh oh oh oh) (ghetto)
Got kids to feed in the (ghetto)
Selling coke and weed in the (ghetto)
Every day somebody bleed in the (ghetto)(oh oh oh oh oh) (ghetto)

Thats the life when your
Living in the (ghetto) oh
Living by the (ghetto) oh
Eating in the (ghetto, ghetto)
Thats the life when your
Living in the (ghetto) oh
Sleeping in the (ghetto)
Living in the (ghetto, ghetto, ghetto)


Me noe me is damn bor liao. but im feeling a little down. =( dunno y. im lyk dat.

yirong sang Oh Mickey, you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey hey Mickey 10 TIMES today. to me. -.-" oh gawd. now i got it stuck in my head! yucks! ya. and zhi wen is damn gd at doin this "erotic smile" thingy. =) damn flirty. heh.

OH YA. napfa. 2As 3Bs. so proud of meself. gonna rerun 1.6km. =) hope can get gold. me beat zhi wen in standin' broad jump!! yay. i did 165cm and she did 160. haha. she was damn pissed la. haha!!!.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006
i'm strangely facinated in mr bean shows. =) haha. heres some.

mr bean in the hotel:

mr bean taking exams:


whoo yeah!! oral exam is over!! me ish happi now!! i think i did okay. a little on the bad side maybe. ya. me gotta go bathe now. will blog smmore later.

Monday, July 24, 2006
1. full name: Andrea Ng Wen-Xin

2. name backwards: nix-new gn aerdna (??? nix new???)

3. were you named after anyone: i dunno... but got alot of soccer players wif dis name... hmm...

4. meaning of name: clueless

5. nick name: andy

6. screen name: [-what hurts the most-]

7. date of birth: 25 August 1994. Okay... i noe i am younger den alot of u.

8.place of birth: Singapore, world-earth, Singapore General Hospital. wadever

9.nationality: Singapore. Where else?

10. current location: in front of the computer. where else?

11. star sign: virgo

12. religion: Christian

13. Height: 157cm... i noe damn short OKAY?! 5cm shorter den Zhi Wen, 6.5cm shorter den Jieru and 8cm shorter den Yirong. oh mann.

14. weight: no idea. relly!

15. shoe size: err?! 5-6 i think.

16. hair colour: black

17. eye colour: hazel.

18. what do you look like: medium-length hair, no specs, one double one single eyelid (heh. me damn weird one. ) me damn boring one.

19. innie or outie: I have totally no idea what this means. guessing its either u kip 2 urself or hang out more wif ur frens isit? well, i talk alot 2 me frens but thers alot of stuff dat dey dunno

20. righty, lefty, or ambidextrous: right. me can write with left too. smtimes nicer den yirong! HAHA. but sometimes relly illegible.

21. gay, straight, bi, or other? You doubt me! I damn innocent one. *blinks innocently* haha jkjk.

22. best friends: err? Amanda, Yirong, Jieru, Shi Ren, JingTing, Shi Yin, Diane la.

23. best friend you trust the most: err... Amanda, and Jieru =)

24. favourite pals: best friends la! I'll consider Zhi Wen. haha. jkjk.

25. best friends of the opposite sex: I *cough* dont *cough* wanna *cough* to *cough* comment. *cough* (sorry. me having a bad case of cough.)

26. best buddies: ah la mak! isnt this the favourite pals and best friends?

27. boyfriend or girlfriend: *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* cough* *cough* jieru. jkjk. no comment.

28. crush: you think?

29. parents: just parents.

30. worst enemy:uhh. Sme ppl?

31. favorite on-line guys: err. nobody.

32. favorite on-line girls:Amanda. Jieru. Yirong. Zhi Wen. the usual ppl la.

33. funniest friend: err... Jieru... or Shi Ren... or Yirong...ppl along those lines la.

34. craziest friend: JingTing. DEFINITELY!. need examples? she once said that the sky fell down and she used it as a blanket. she oso said dat the sun exploded and she saw it and it looked lyk fireworks. Need anymore examples?

36. loudest friend: hmm...

37. person you cry with: who will wanna cry wif me!?

38. any sisters: yeah. A weird one who yirong insists is funny and cute in the blur way. and who Jieru insists is pretty and cute. -.-

39. any brothers: yah.

40. any pets: no

41. a disease: 3-4 yrs old, Pneumonia
last year, Bronchitis (twice)
( is asthma considered a disease?)

42. a pager: uh.. No

43. a personal phone line: u think?

44. a cell phone: yeah.

45. a lava lamp: Used to.

46. a pool or hot tub: this may sound greedy but ME WANT BOTH.

47. a car: I want one nice big one wif air con and a bed behind and a personal toilet plus a food supply. sounds lyk a caravan but i want it to be a car in front and a room behind. =)

48. personality: in no position to comment.

49. driving: I bet i will bang all over the place. anyways does arcade one count?

50. car or one you want: i said alr in Q47.

51. room: hmm... a nice BIG room with a bit high celling, a nice L-shaped table with a BIG bed next to it and an ajustable light so i can read at night. the bed muaz be in front of the window. =) den... den... me wan air-con rm. and me own beautiful toilet with a BATHTUB!!! haha! so luxurious rite?

52. got lost: yeh, but found my way in the end. I damn smart one =). jkjk.

53. school: NYPS, NYPS, NYPS, NYPS, NYPS, NYPS. one for each year in that sch.

54. bed: wad can u talk abt ur bed? Double deckered???

55. relationship with your parents: as good/bad as anyone else.

56. believe in yourself: err isit self confidence?? if its self-confidence, smtimes.

57. do you believe in love at first sight? yup.

58. consider yourself a good listener: yup!

59. something happened to: finish your Q pls. isit smthing happened to ME or smthing happened to MY FRIEND? or somthing happened to ONE OF MY FAMILY MEMBERS?

60. get along with your parents: scroll up to Q55.

61. save your e-mail conversations: not without the person's permission. i DO threaten to though.

62. pray: yup.

63. believe in reincarnation: no. me chirstian remember?

64. like to make fun of people: depends on who and depends on what the effect wld be. I tease quite a good deal though. not anything mean. =)

65. like to talk on the phone: ya. not the holding though.

66. want to get married: puh-lease. me still 12. got LONG way to go thank you.

67. like to drive: in my dream car, yes.

68. get motion sickness: if i read/ look for stuff.

69. eat the stems of broccoli: eek. its disgusting

70. eat chicken fingers with a fork: oh mann. i think i am gonna throw up.

71. dream in color: yepps! its relly cool.

72. type with your fingers on home row: yupp.

73. sleep with a stuffed animal: no. never did. never intends to. and proud of it.

74. right next to you: air, my room

75. on the walls of your room: dust? air-con? light switch? paint??

76. on your mouse pad: my hand on e mouse.

77. your dream car: Q47.

78. your dream date: *cough* no comment.

79. your dream honeymoon spot: puh-lease. me only 12. if i am thinking bout this me relly gonna fail PSLE.

80. your dream husband or wife: Q79.

81. your bedtime: supp to be 10.30 but i havent been slping any earlier den 12am int he past 3 months.

82. under your bed: dust, dirt, air, wood.

83. the single most important question: who are my friends?

84. your bad time of the day : waking up

85. your worst fears: alot. not gonna bother listing.

86. the weather is: its night and no rain. so no singing for yirong.

87. the time: 10. 17pm. =)

88. the date: 23 july 2006. (oral tomorrow!!)

89.the best trick you ever played on someone: err... jumping up on them?

90 ??

91. theme song: lots?

92. the hardest thing about growing up: rejection?

93. your funniest experience: when zhi wen blushed and i pointed it out coz we said she knew Bryan Seethor INSIDE out. as in inside e clothes thing.

94. your scariest moment: peek a BOO!

95. the silliest thing you've said: cant rank. all damn stupid.

96. the funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the opposite sex: nothing! i dun try to.

97. the scariest thing that's ever happened while with your friend(s): seeing a couple kissing RIGHT infront of us. so passionately some more.

98. the worst feeling in the world: hello. i repeated this many many times. i am still 12! i still have a long way to go okay!

99. the best feeling in the world: feeling high/happy.

100. 5 people to do this quiz: Amanda=) Huiling=) Shiren=) Tianyi=) Jieru=)

finally. yirong, feel honoured. i wasted 1h doing this.

Sunday, July 23, 2006
its raining.

"here comes the rain again
falling from the stars
drenched in my pain again
becoming who we are"

Darkness is there to show us the light.
Bad things are there to help us appreciate the good ones.
but how i wish darkness did not exsist.

"as my memory rests
but never forgets what I lost
wake me up when september ends"

I just want to forget it and get on with life but the memory still lingers.

"I have to block out thoughts of you so I don’t lose my head"

Will be thinking of you.

"The one thing that always tore us apart is the one thing I won’t touch again
In a sick way I want to thank you for holding my head up late at night
While I was busy waging wars on myself, you were trying to stop the fight
You never doubted my warped opinions on things like suicidal hate
You made me compliment myself when it was way too hard to take
So I’ll drive so fucking far away that I never cross your mind
And do whatever it takes in your heart to leave me behind"

How i wish those thoughts of you will go away...

"And with a sad heart I say bye to you and wave
Kicking shadows on the street for every mistake that I had made"


sighz. ever felt ur world crash down on you? ever felt utterly alone? ever felt betrayed? if u havent, appreciate your life. me feeling down... not telling y. sighz

okay, to the point. me has been recieving more than one complain about my blog being in a mess. I have been working on at least 2 blogskins just to find out that neither can be navigated on firefox. any suitable blogskins please tagg. bye.

You broke my heart,
And tore me apart.
You were once my light,
With you, my heart would take flight.
I thought you knew it too,
But you left my life so blue.
The times we had together,
The memories Ill keep forever.
I didnt know it would come to an end so fast,
I thought the friendship would last.
How wrong I was then,
To think you were really my friend.
Your love once kept me strong,
Be it dusk or dawn.
Now you are gone,
My life has become utterly torn.

Saturday, July 22, 2006
juz thought of it. i think me neighbour looks TOO MUCH lyk Gwen Stefani. i think she idolizes Gwen. She dyed her hair BLOND, her voice is quite high too. and she has roughly the same build as Gwen, and same height. ROUGHLY. she is NOT Gwen though. shes chinese.

swimming was FUN for ONCE yesterday. Lauren came. and another new girl. the teach pronounced my name WRONGLY AGAIN. he has never gotten my name correct so far.

wore flippers again. swam faster.

good right?


i now have a blister on my formerly bloody toe. URGH. swam 25m NONSTOP WITHOUT BREATHING. pro rite? haha. jkjk.

home alone....

Thursday, July 20, 2006
2day was very eventful, unlyk yirongs! =P First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHI YIN!!! haha. okay... now...


me and yirong were doin e bdae card 4 sy. rush rush rush. nobody was next to me then so she juz plonked herself down ther. we no colour pen so ask sr (sitting on the other side of me) if she got.

smart rite?

apparently not.

She didnt hav so the smartypants turned next to her, WHICH WAS SHIYIN, and asked her.

so smart.

Me and yirong was lyk "walau... so smart" anyway we got pastel pens from shi yin, den we wrote in the card. every 2 words was one colour. the message was something lyk:

Dearest Shi Yin,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Please grow taller. We will love you lots FOREVER! Don't forget us! ... [etc.]

CHEW YI RONG (heart which sr drew) ANDREA NG
yirongs signature me signature

the signatures took up more than half one side of the card. haha. =P Den bell ring... blah blah. the rest of the day in school was quite uneventful except for a few incidents.

class time

1. CLS came in... after a while when and sat at e table. den after another while, she asked if anyone could tell her why the class grew quiet when she sat ther and Smartypants no. 2 (smartypants no. 1 is SR =P) Richie said, "因为我们看到母老虎。"

2. Mrs O walked out of the class after we were paired up for oral practice. I was paired with the smartypants no. 2 RICHIE. Why do i ALWAYS get paired with a weirdo?! I was paired with RYAN the other time. She stormed out and waited outside, marking her worksheets. We continued talking and so she BANGED two windows to get our attention. hmmm...

3. I smsed yirong but she didnt check. so after mr pang left e class, i walked out to go to 6k and look for her and mr pang was ther. he was lyk "tell the monitor or monitress to keep the class under control coz i think the relief teacher is a parent volunteer. (or smthing lyk dat)" I was lyk, hello?! shes standing in front of you now! and it is impossible for me and YJ to keep the class under control. While he was talking, he looked into 6k at the teachers table and went "how was your music exam the other day?" i said "fine fine..." den yirong turned and saw me. den i mouthed "CHECK YOUR PHONE!" she looked at me, den mr pang looked back at me so i looked at him too and answered him auto-pilotcally (if there is such a word). when he looked into 6k again i mouthed "CHECK YOUR PHONE!" coz yirong was still lookin. den she reached into her bag and took her phone and checked. juz b4 i went back to class i mouthed "REPLY!!" heh >.< and the whole time Mr Pang didnt catch me.

after school

went to sy's house. we walked all the way there. we climbed this railing thing, den me, diane and shi yin climbed over 2 tubes. (you know the kind they always have over the big drains? but it was clean though.) The rest of them took the long way. SR and Rachel, now known as Smartypants no. 1 and Smartypants no. 3 respectively, ran across e field, and go their shoes dirty. SR got the skirt dirty too! Who ask them dun follow shi yin? too bad!

had a delicious lunch (macaroni with campbell soup i think and ham. plus ribena and fried wonton and fish ball and sausages.) yummy! haha. sy made sr finish the whole bowl of macaroni by blackmailing her. She was lyk "SR, i got at least 20 ways to torture you. So are you eating?"

played asshole tai di 2 rounds den played bridge 2 rounds den shi yin opened her prezzie! the one me and yirong gav 2 her! SO FARNEY! you should hav seen her expression! heh. nessa recorded it for yirong. when shi yin finished unwrapping, she faced the phone nessa was using to record and said "thank you darling yirong from the bottom of my heart even though you made me do this!" she then threw a handful of newspaper at the screen and the screen blacked out. so farney. we called yirong then to let sy giv her 'thank you' speech. which ended with vulgarities. =P haha.

oh ya. 1 more thing. i told bong that if she could shoot the basketball into the hoop at sy's house from a particular point of the ground, ill buy her a packet of chips. she threw and threw then FINALLY got in. i bought the packet of chips. =)


got my new flippers! pain though wearing it. and it is supposed to be lyk that. i am not used to it although it DOES help to swim faster! after i took off my flippers, my feet felt lyk jelly. haha. have a blister in me toe. okay la... me flipper size is 5-7 =) normal! haha. it was $22. didnt bother buying hand paddle. borrowed one side of the hand paddle from a girl called Michelle's sister. forgot her name. haha. the hand paddle felt even weirder than the flippers and harder to use but it was kinda okay. it was a little too big for me but i didnt ajust.


Zhi Wen and Jieru are insisting on calling me merfox. no idea y. and Jieru is merdog and Zhi Wen is merpig. -.-" cant believe how lame they ar. oh ya ms yeo smsed "thx, u r a darling" haha. after i found the number of jing xuan. courtesy of jieru =) gtg now. byebye

Wednesday, July 19, 2006
sorry. correction. ms tan is from HWA CHONG. FROM RGS and went to HWA CHONG! and now going to NTU.

hey!! tomorro sy's Bday! haha. got _______ for her. fill in the blanks. haha. sharing prezzie wif yr. =) oh ya, ms tan, if you are reading me bloggy, ans this Qs: Were you from Raffles Junior College? Do you know someone called Angie Ng? =) my sis thinks dat u r her senior. ans ans ans KK??

Tuesday, July 18, 2006
I got a bloody toe. okay. its not bloody now but it WAS during PE. we did shuttle run, den i 3rd 10m, take the bean bag dat time, i slipped and OWWW. the skin tore. haha. painn. haha. not that bad la.

after sch, played bridge....etc. i partnered yirong. den bernice lent her mp3 2 yirong, and we fought for the only working earpiece. =P haha. discussing on what to buy 4 sy now. haha. gtg now. bybeye

Monday, July 17, 2006
accoring to jieru, the sister of the so called "great one" ZW, we drew in the Cball game. she insists its 1-1. =P

HEYY!! ms tan is 19!!! i think. somewhere in between 19-21. most likely 19. she said she was the first batch of GEPers in Henry Park Primary. see this web:


"In 1997 Henry Park Primary School became the sixth primary GEP centre. "

1997----->2006 is 9 yrs.

when she joined GEP she would be 10. so...

10+9= 19!!


Friday, July 14, 2006
watashiwa andy. =) haha. dats wad i'm now. andy. yirong thinks it sounds kiddish... it DOES. not i choose one horh.

My leg has a big blue black. its slightly swollen. owww. no idea wad happened. sighxx

Dunno if i should go swimming. Lauren says she most likely going. I damn tired la, but will be feeling damn guitly if i dun go...

Stupid Richmond shot a G2 refill at the fan. the WONDERFUL refill exploded and splattered on alot alot of people. I got hit on both shoulders wif ink. the ink smudged coz i perspired when we played captains ball today. eeky.

oh ya. YIRONG SANG. haha. i made her sing. she was damn reluctant. she still sang the chorus of Start of Something New. =)

Stayed back after sch for cl oral practice. Finished very early with a 41. suks la. ZW got 49 and Willa got 45. After dat went to play Bball wif Bong^2, Yirong etc. Bong^2 and Rachel was on the same team la, i was on the other. we lost - DUHH. We then decided to play Captains Ball after i said "i dun play bball, captains ball yes, no bball for me." den rachel was lyk LETS PLAY CBALL!! we then voted, cball vs bball. cball won. yay! haha. Teams were: Me, Chris, Cheryl, Bong^2 and Rachel. i think. the other was Yirong, Jieru, ZC, SR and willa. i think also. haha. my team won!! haha. den played bridge. haha. nothing wlse la. gtg now. byebye.

Thursday, July 13, 2006
i realised i've been relly tense for the past few days... juz that, well, many many things.

1. Private business. nothing to do with you
2. Not enuf sleep. I've been sleeping damn late (dunno if it makes things worse) 12 is considered damn early liaoz for me.
3. My Group. dun ask why. go read my other posts to get at least some idea.
4. Homework. Well, 2day got homework, though the past few days dun hav. it oso causes me 2 slp late.
5. Peer Pressure. Figure it out yourself
6. Friends. believe it or not up 2 u.
7. Nobody understands me

the list goes on and on. and what's the result?

1. Friction between me and my frens
2. Friction between me and my group
3. Tension between me and everyone around me
4. Stress
5. I'm feeling down
6. I'm feeling tensed
7. I dun trust as many ppl as i used 2
8. I blew up alot of things

What did i TRY to do to prevent it?

1. please la ppl. i DO try to get along wif my grp. -FAILED
2. I try to destress. listen to music blah blah. - PENDING
3. I TRIED to be the "happy-go-lucky" joker me. - PENDING

"I swore I knew the melody

That I heard you singing

And when you smiled

You made me feel

Like I could sing along

But then you went and changed the words

Now my heart is empty

I'm only left with used-to-be's

Once upon a song"

Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Seriously, it dusent feel rite in the group. it's lyk everyone ther is so smart? ever felt that way? lyk u dun belong? things went worse with the 2nd last FPS lesson. lyk i mentioned in the pervious post. i DID tell them what i thought. DID THEY HEAR? no.

" And now I try hard to make it
I just want to make you proud
I'm never gonna be good enough for you
I can't pretend that
I'm alright
And you can't change me

'Cuz we lost it all
Nothing lasts forever
I'm sorry I can't be perfect
Now it's just too late and
We can't go back
I'm sorry I can't be perfect"

yes i noe nobody's perfect. then why are some people expecting so high of others? everybody makes mistakes, yes. but what classifies that mistake under "big mistake" is the amount of hurt it causes.

"Nothing's gonna change the things that you said
Nothing's gonna make this right again
Please don't turn your back
I can't believe it's hard
Just to talk to you
But you don't understand"

Sunday, July 09, 2006
fine! i AM impatient okay? thats how i am. i can't change it! I am SORRY! i am not perfect. forget about me. juz forget i even exsist. not lyk anybody cares or not. think about it. DID you even HEAR wad I was trying to say?! DID i HAVE to get YJ to hint to you all before you even NOE i hav an idea? "TRY to ..." DO YOU NOE HOW HARD I AM TRYING?! do you even try to listen? i think not.
IS IT MY FAULT THAT THE GROUP DUSENT WORK WELL TOGETHER?! IS IT?! i think it will be easier for you all if you forget about me. its my fault either way. and i dun mean anything to you all.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006
YAYYY!!!! PIANO EXAM OVER!!!!! WHOOO HOOO!!! got rgs interview 2morro. WHO CARES. Shit. i dun hav a single of the teacher's feedback form. darn it la... Im blogging coz zhi wen wants me 2. haha. Listening to Touch it (Remix) by Busta Rhymes. alot of censors. TOUCH IT - BRING IT - BABE - WATCH - IT - TURN IT - LEAVE IT - STOP - FORMAT IT. haha. Blinge is pronounced as blah-ige. haha. i doubt you noe wad im toking bout. My sister hates this kind of songs. haha. oh yah. 2day, i left sch at 9+am la. den so zun b4 dat, was CME and Mr Pang asked "who is taking music exams this year?" and I was lyk "me! in..." den i calculated and said "... 1h 15min" haha. he didn't hear or realise until general office call and ask me 2 go down den he realised i gonna go 4 piano exam. haha. so blur. haha. jkjk. YJ was driving me crazy singing my pieces. den the ppr mr pang flash, i saw music notes. urgh. haha. YJ switched placed wif janet coz mrs ortega tot tat me and janet tok 2 much. she takes 1 term 2 do dat?! haha. gotta prepare 4 rgs interview. byebye.


Monday, July 03, 2006
long time never blog liaoz. sorry hor. not lyk anyone reads rite? haha. cut my hair. look TOTALLY disgusting. eek. yesterday swimming 30 laps. X died lorh. we had water fight during out break. had to do 5 laps freestyle sprinting coz of dat. crazy teacher is a damned slave-driver. i dun wanna go 4 swimming. actually. i DO have a choice. but i'll rather go 2day den 2morro. 2morro, SIXTEEN laps non-stop sprinting. crazy. Ahh. and oh ya. SS FPS social studies hav 2 do in current grp. Viola! YJ you got ur wish. and now you are regretting it. dat brings me bak 2 sch. STUPID RICHMOND. STUPID JOHN. STUPID SCHOOL. STUPID STUPID STUPID. y did you hav 2 sabo me lorh? ME of all ppl?! STUPID. its a stupid mistake. gez whos the new monitors?!? ME AND YJ. stupid. stupid. stupid. shld be YJ AND AMANDA. or YJ AND CHRISTABEL. stupid. voted lorh. Guys results are "BS-7" "YJ-15" Daniel-3" I think. GIRLS?! "Amanda-11" "ME?!-14" stupid. stupid. the first was "Amanda- 13" "ME-10" but then not everybody voted so REVOTE. blerdy eff it. i hate my life. and i got piano exam on wed. and RGS interview on thurs. crap. byebye. still havent done hw.