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Monday, December 11, 2006
i went to my ah gong's grave yesterday... ash place... duno wad you call it. at mandai. so ya, day was interesting. haha. cos his b'day i think, or death aniversary. cant remember. he died like more than 30 years ago. a few days aft or b4 my uncles were born. (they twins)....

that morning, i was having this nice dream... *cant relly remember wad it was alr*. but remember it was nice. and was slping... slping... den suddenly i woke up! *dun ask me why* den WHOOLA! I WAS LATE FOR CHURCH BY HALF AN HOUR!!! oh gosh. i quickly changed, grabbed my bag and stuff and hurried out of the house without eating. den i ran all the way to church. thinking, whoopsies... LATE LATE LATE!! argh. never been so late b4. so i reached church and tried to open the door... WHOOLA AGAIN!! DOOR STUCK. apparently i couldn't be bothered to try properly. haha. finally i got in and ya. when going up i saw jeanette and she passed me the vcds she promised to bring.

den... bible study.. den i coming down wif my bro, at the bottom of the steps, our dear jeanette "BOO!ed" i was quite drowsy so a little slow reaction lor. actually, no reaction. hahah. she was like "ee yerh, no fun, no reaction." den me and my bro rush home, i bathed den faster rush out. RUSH RUSH RUSH for the second time that day. den faster faster drive to my ah ma's house cos supp 2 visit my ah gong as i said jus now. when we went ther, everybody ther alr, eating. i wusent hungry so i sat down and played bridge with my cousins(who had eaten) while waiting. i won a few la. den we played cheat, den heart attack. very funny la. haha. when we played cheat, apparently the two cousins younger than me were absolutely hopeless at it. so we kept going cheat! cheat! cheat! and so their cards were like humongous until at the end they both had almost exactly half the deck of cards alr.

"last one out of the house has to pay for dinner! kids who are last, parents must pay!" my mum was shouting la. den suddenly she realised sumthing "ANDRE!! ANDRE!! WHERE ARE YOU!!" my bro was in the toilet, so he had a good chance of being last. hahah. which would have meant she had to pay. given that there were 21 of us, it would have cost a bomb. so aft a while, everyone was squeezed into the 4 cars (one picnic). den drive to mandai.

when we reached mandai, we went to Eugenia 05-601. then put the flowers inside the container thing and lighted the candles etc etc.. ETC ETC ETC... dun wanna go into thelittle deeetails.

after everything was done we went off to eat prata. the casuarina curry place at upper pierce if i'm not wrong. i ate half of a banana prata and a paper prata. the paper prata was nice. haha so was the banana one. everyone ate so much and had trouble finishing the pratas. so everone wasa superr stuffed. after that my aunt insisted on going to the lower pierce(i think) reservior to see... what?! MONKEYS!! how ridiculous is that?? anyways, i'm a little tired so i shall cut the long story short. so we went to see the monkeys and went for a walk at the reservior, up and down the hill thing. the slope. after that, it was about 6, den we went home. and watched STAR AWARDS! lolx. ya, star awards. until about 10! thats about it lor. i ate. den used the comp until 2+. haha. talked to ian and ezikel and jeanette online. dun ask me why the havent slept then. i was online while watching princess diaries. so after that i went to sleep at 3!. haha.

this mornign i woke up at 2pm. haha. and i am now watching "a walk to remember" really really really nice show. ppl who wanna watch, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtibtSXspew&mode=related&search= thats part 1 of 11. threre are all 11 parts. touching movie.. *sniff* haha. so yeah, toodles!

Friday, December 08, 2006
I had this weird dream man... can only remember part of it. haha. it was like, some swimming competition. thing is, the ppl that were taking part were 6L ppl only. 8 so ya, 8 lanes rite? so 8 girls swam, including me! :P, rachel wang didnt swim. haha. den the guys oso 8 ppl swimming. was like, each lane one girl one guy, den sumthing lyk relay, only it wus only 2 ppl and both would swim freestyle... so 1st lane was jinyin and marcus (for some reason), second was chris and gerald i think. (duno y oso). third was mandy and john (hee hee, but seriously liddat.)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Smoked. []

Drank alcohol. [x] YUMMY!!

Cried when someone died. [x]

Been drunk. [X]

Had sex. []I’m 12.

Had illegal sex. []

Been to a concert. [x]

Given a handjob/gotten a handjob. [] I’m 12…

Given a blowjob/gotten a blowjob. []

Been verbally sexually harassed. [x]

Verbally sexually harassed somebody. []

Felt someone up and/or been felt up. [] I AM 12!!

Laughed so hard something came out of your nose.[]

Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend before. []

Been cheated on by a boyfriend/girlfriend. [X]

Been to prom. []

Cried at school. [x]

Gotten lost in a WalMart or a department store. [x] young young dat time.

Went streaking. []

Given a lap dance.[]

Had someone of the opposite sex in your room. [x]

Had someone of the opposite sex sleep over. []

Slept over at someone of the opposite sex's house. [X] aiyah. My cousin’s hse. Cannot arh?

Kissed a stranger. []

Hugged a stranger. []

Went scuba diving. [X]

Driven a car. [X]in the arcade! HAHA.

Gotten an xray. []

Hit by a car. []

Had a party. [x]

Done drugs. []

Played strip poker. []

Got paid to strip for someone. []

Ran away from home. []

Broken a bone. []

Eaten sushi. [x]

Bought porn. [] -_-“

Watched porn. [] -_-“

Made porn. [] my goodness…

Had a crush on someone of the same sex. [] nice try.

Been in love. [x]

Frenched kissed. []

Laughed so hard you cried. [x]

Cried yourself to sleep. [x]

Laughed yourself to sleep. []

Stabbed yourself. []

Shot a gun. [X] toy one. HAHA.

Trash talked someone and then acted like their best friend the next day. [] lasts for a few days! :P heh.

Watched TV for 9 consecutive hours. []

Been online for 9 consecutive hours. [X]

Watched an animal die. [x] ant, mosquito etc. disgusting insects basically.

Watched a person die. []

Had sex and/or messed around somewhere with at least 1 person present. [] hais. -_-“

Pranked somebody. [X] HEEHEE.

Put somebody in the hospital. [] my cousin did. ICU summore.

snuck into someone's room and/or your own room after being out. []

Kissed somebody of the same sex. []

Dressed punk. [X]

Dressed goth. []

Dressed preppy. []

Been to a motocross race. [] wads dat?

Studied somebody. [x]

Been stalked. []

Stalked someone. [X] hees.

Met a celebrity. [x]

Played an instrument. [x]

Ridden a horse. [X]

Cut yourself. [x] (:

Bungee jumped. []

Ding dong ditched somebody. [] ??

Been to a wild party. [x] haha. Duhh.

Got caught stealing something. []

Kicked a guy in the balls. [] oh mann…

Stolen a boyfriend/girlfriend from a friend. []

Went out with your friend's crush. []

Got arrested. []

Been pregnant. []

Babysat. []

Been to another country. [x]

Started your house on fire. [] i wish i could!

Had an encounter with a ghost. []

Donated your hair to cancer patients. []

Been asked out by someone that you never though you'd to be asked out by. [x]

Cried over a member of the opposite sex [x]

Had a boyfriend/girlfriend for over 3 months. [X]

Sat on your ass all day.[X] in front of the comp la.

Ate a whole carton of ice cream all by yourself. [x]

Had a job. []

Gotten cut from a sports team. []

Been called a whore. []

Danced like a whore. []

Been mistaken for a celebrity. []

Been in a car accident. []

Been told you have beautiful eyes. [x] I dun believe them though.

Been told you have beautiful hair. []

Raped somebody. [] pls la, be realistic.

Danced in the rain. [x] was dragged by my crazy friend.

Been rejected. []
Walked out of a restaurant without paying. [X] my dad paid! :P haha.

Punched someone/slapped someone in the face. [x]

TOTAL [x] - 39
TOTAL [ ] - 63

[brackets with crosses means it has been done]

You have gotten F9 grades for math many times[]

You do last minute homework in class[x]

You use your handphone to text your friends in class[x]

Your phone got confiscated before[]

You listen to music during class[X]

You sleep in class[X]

You curse teachers[x]

You are always late for extra classes[]

You doodle on tables[X]

You make out in class[]

You are rebellious with some teachers[X]

You sometimes hand up work late[x]

You make fun of the nerds and geeks[]

You have broken school rules[x]

You sometimes don't have the correct books[x]

You don't take notes[X]

Recess is your favourite part of school[x]

You hang out after school[x]

You lie to your teachers about homework[X]

You tell your parents you don't have homework to do when you do.[X] cos I finished it alr wad. not lying wad. no more homework.

You have made someone cry in school[x]

You copied homework before[x]

You threw away homework before but said you didn't even receive it[] i dun throw away homework.

You laugh at the way some teachers walk[x] cant blame meeeee. he walks super super retardedly and struts on top of that hor.

You have been late couple of times[X]

SCORE FOR BADNESS :D : 18/22 whooooooooopss. Heehee. i am apparently super huai dan.


1. What do you do when you're mad?scream, shout, throw stuff.
2. What's the worst thing you've done when you're mad?Broke lots of stuff.i fought too before.
3. Ever made someone cry when you were mad? No.
4. Ever physically hurt someone when you were mad?Yeah.
5. Do you curse when you're mad?sumtimes.

6. When was the last time you cried like mad?hmm… am I supposed to remember? Cos I can’t be bothered to think.
7. Ever cried yourself to sleep?uh-huh.
8. Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?Yup!
9. Do you cry when you get an injury?not unless it is a serious one.
10. Do certain songs make you cry?of course.

11. What's the worst thing you've done to someone else?scratched the person. She bled. Three lines down her arm. :P quite bad scratch at it.
12. How depressed can you get?how am I supposed to know. Anyways, isn’t this supposed to be under the “sad” section?

13. How much do you smile?when I’m happy, when I’m amused and when I simply feel like it.
14. What can make you happy?lots. I can get irritated easily too.
15. Do you wish you were happier?sumtimes.
16. Does being with your friends make you happy?DUHH.
LOVE SECTION17. Have you ever loved someone?*grins*18. Did you ever love a person and told him/her?Yup!
19. Have you ever loved someone so much, it made you cry?hmm… nooo…
20. Has anyone besides your friends and family said 'I love you' to you?Yesh.
HATE SECTION21. Have you ever hated anyone that broke your heart?err… duno.
22. Do you hate George Bush?nope. Why should i?
SELF-ESTEEM SECTION23. Is your self-esteem extremely low?
24. Do you believe in yourself?depends.
25. What do you say when people say they think you are pretty/handsome?I simply dun believe them.
26. Are you one of those idiots who think they are ugly, dumb and fat?
Fat, yes. Maybe ugly. But I’m not dumb and I’m not an idiot.
27. Ever wanted to kill yourself 'cos you thought you weren't good enough?yeah. Long long ago.

28. Are you happy with who you are?sumtimes. Like now.